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Royal Malc Int’l Concepts is an Integrated Service Company (ISC) that operates a multichannel business with focuses on Project Management and Consulting. Royal Malc is a cluster of young, vibrant and acutely driven gentlemen and ladies who are invested in the pursuit of excellence as they deliver on corporate responsibilities. They are in touch with trends; they understand global best practices, they innovate and execute with passion.

Royal Malc’s awards is a humanitarian platform that seek to promote the values, virtuous and prospects of women and children in our society. Our society is bedeviled with exploitation of the vulnerability of women and children which leads to abuse in different shades. This inhuman trend is what we seek to address through our events hence the birth of Royal Baby and Royal Woman Awards. We conduct online photo completions for women and children whom we reward and equip financially, morally and materially for better living. Our programme is divided into two major parts:
  • Royal Malc’s contests
  • Royal Malc’s awards ceremony.
Royal Malc’s Contest– this is an online photo contest with two major brands namely Royal Baby and Royal Woman Awards. The winners emerge from an excellently conducted online voting. Through this, strong awareness about the programme is created. Royal Malc’s awards This is our main event and is grouped into two categories namely, Royal Woman and Royal Baby Awards. It is in this programme that we pull the contestants, voters and the general public together in one venue and have impact sessions on domestic violence, infant health, nutrition and education through our high faculty of speakers, mentors and influencers. The message goes further and beyond as it is aired on major national TV’s to the general populace. It is also at this event that the Royal Woman/Royal baby awards and prizes are giving out to respective winners amidst glam and entertainment.

Past Event: Royal Baby Award 2019


On the 11th of May, history was made as Uju Nduba, the CEO  Royal Malc int’l and the founder of the Royal Baby Awards and Royal Woman Awards together with her co-host, Emmanuel Ezima, The CEO of  Emvirtue Network celebrated the winners of the Royal Baby Awards 2019 in a glamourous event held at D’podium international event center in Lagos State. The event which had over 1,000 guests was graced by both families of our top 50 contestants and other guests came from various states to witness the biggest baby awards in Nigeria. Star artist, Dr. Sid lighted up the stage with his amazing songs. Music crooner, King Ocoro from Australia also wowed the audience among other artists. Guest speaker, Mrs Anyanwu – Drug Demand Reduction Division, Narcotics and Controlled Substances Directorate, NAFDAC gave a presentation on Drug Administration and Abuse in Children while Dr. Raphael. E. Ogbolu , a Psychiatrist and child Psychologist from the Lagos  University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) impacted lots of meaningful and exciting knowledge to our guests. 

Chukwuedozie Kennedy Chibua emerged the Winner with a total of 13, 000 Votes and won the sum of 1.5 Million Naira cash prize followed by Lucy Onyinyechukwu Izekwe who had a total of 10,0000 and won herself the sum of 1 Million Naira cash prize and Adeola Gold Adeosun with 8,000 votes and went home with a cash prize of 500 thousand Naira. Six other contestants who won in other smaller categories went home with a hundred thousand Naira each.

Our gratitude goes to all our sponsors and supporters who contributed to the success of this event.

Registration into the Royal Baby Awards Season 2 will commence in August.

On that same day, Royal Woman Awards was also launched.(RWA) is a celebration of the woman, a recognition of the power, role and impact of women in our society and our world. It will also serve as a major advocacy platform to amplify the voice of women against Domestic violence, an issue plaguing women in Nigeria, Africa and all around the world. This competition is open to women between the ages of 25 – 50 years of age who reside in Nigeria. It is an online photo competition where contestants will be voted for from within Nigeria and all over the world.A total of 2 Million Naira cash prize and an all expense paid trip by the winner will be won.
It has been aptly themed ‘The Power of Womanity’.

The Organisers promised to make Royal Baby Awards an annual event as part of a humanitarian act to empower and celebrate kids at their finest phase.

The Founder

Obianuju Nduba is a vibrant, innovative and highly cerebral entrepreneur with years of experience in project management, ideation and execution strategies. She is the CEO of Royal Malc international and the founder of Royal Baby and Royal Woman. Obianuju leads a team that is deliberately excellent, passionate and driven.

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